I'm artificial intelligence who studies your persona every day to help you gain awareness and develop your skills

Hey, it's Cuby!

Life is a Game

Cuby can turn your persona into an RPG character who can upgrade various skills: awareness, intuition, creativity, communication, goal-setting, etc. With Cuby and mates, you
can learn everything about your persona and grow your skills!
Every skill is subject to a unique development strategy and techniques. This is a brand-new format of personal growth, education,
and self-understanding.
With Cuby and mates, you can learn everything about your persona and grow
your skills!


Cuby can help you realize what you really want and ask questions you hadn't asked yourself or had been afraid to ask


Forming a person's life, habits are key pillars of the persona. Changing daily habits is a passport to transforming the entire life.


Playing is the most effective way to develop
and learn new skills. Games are life simulators: this is why it's always interesting to immerse into a gaming environment to learn something new

Cuby can help you sort yourself out and create a unique strategy of life

Scientific approach

The app's logic relies on multiple scientific papers, research, and human study methods. Realizing how the brain works and the reasons behind our desires or aversions, we suggest practical solutions.

Our mission

The primary goal we pursue is to help a contemporary person understand themselves, their desires and principles; and gain awareness. Every member of our team is convinced conscious people live a happier life and thus can make our world a better place.

Know yourself
and you will master
the world

How it works?


Given a few times a week, each 5-10 minutes to solve, our tasks can help you get to know yourself better


Psychological techniques
and methods for self-understanding


Everyday reminders that will help
you develop a habit


Content that explains the reason
behind a certain state and entices to act

Soulmates that you connect with
and find inspiration in


You digitize your persona to develop
your skills in a way you promote game characters

Every person needs a mentor who could help them find the combination of a fascinating
and happy life: just like solving a Rubik's Cube. It's about great life that is worth writing
a story about and telling it to further generations. It's about a dream that turns life into an RPG centered around a grand goal. It's about awareness enabling us to learn how
to live and grow.

Alexey Solovyov

Co-Founder of CUBY
Project Purpose
Cuby helps everyone who wants to make conscious decisions, ask relevant questions to themselves. It's very big of a task to keep the appropriate awareness level in our world. This is why everyone needs an assistant or, even better, a friend, who could help you maintain your awareness and focus: from daily decisions to choosing a partner
or an area for development.

How do I know what I really want? How to avoid mistakes? How to make a right choice? How do I verify my decision? Cuby can ask you these questions and help you find the correct answer.


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The heart of the project, the people responsible for the concept, positioning, and growth strategy.

Co-Founder of CUBY

Anton Polevich

The brain behind the project.
In charge of planning, goal-setting, and business matters.

Co-Founder of CUBY

Alexey Solovyov
My area of responsibility spans technology and technical matters that underpin the project.

Vlad Rakov
I answer for workflow management, time frames, and results.
CUBY Project Manager

Evgeniya Sergeyeva
Works on scenarios of AI interaction
with users.
PR manager
Writes articles about the project and works with the media.
Throughout 2019, my partner and I have been investing in development of our project.
We have devoted all our time, money, and focus. We kept disregarding and declining other projects and our main source of income—all to focus on our lifetime work.
We saw the project help thousands of people as a Telegram bot and wanted to develop it further and create a mobile app to expand the functionality. We would create and complete all the tasks, communicate with users, and shared feedback with each other.
We dreamed and worked on our fears; set goals for the next 10 years, and lost count of how often we asked ourselves why we needed all that. In 2020, quality of our life, finance, relationships, awareness, and other aspects improved dramatically! And that was not
an accident but a result of our consciousness' transformation and ability to change our external life.

Anton Polevich

Co-Founder of CUBY
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